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By Kia Motors Europe
November 28, 2019

Tipping Point

You’ve probably noticed that there are a many more electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads these days. Their popularity has reached, or is reaching, tipping point in many European countries. More people each day are swapping out the fuel pump for the electrical cable.

So, you might be wondering what’s all the fuss about? Are electric vehicles that much better than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars? 

You might think that an EV’s green credentials were the primary reason for their surge in popularity. But you’d be mistaken.

Of course, an EV’s zero emissions is a key benefit to the environment and the quality of our air and life.

However, it’s when you get behind the wheel of an EV that the single most important benefit hits home: EVs are super fun to drive. And it’s this fact more than anything that is likely to sway you to buy one.

Fun to Drive

EVs have astonishing pick up. Your heart will race at the breathtaking acceleration from standing to 100 Km / hour in less than 8 seconds. These stats aren’t extraordinary. On the contrary, they are typical of contemporary EVs. And, many higher-end EV models can, with race-like responsiveness, make the same sprint in less than 5 seconds.

They are achieved because as you step on the accelerator pedal 100% of the torque from the electric motor is delivered immediately to the wheels.

With ICE vehicles, in contrast, it takes time to burn the air-fuel mix and transfer crank shaft energy through gear boxes, differentials, and drives shafts to the wheels, so it takes longer to get going.

Pulse-quickening acceleration is reserved for those traditional cars sporting significant horse power under the hood and with a price tag that will make you blanche.

But such exhilarating power and performance is available to all EVs, irrespective of whether they are mass or premium models.

You’ll also be wowed by the smoothness of the ride. With few moving parts there is less bumpiness as energy is transferred from the motor to the wheels.

And, of course, you’ll be able to hear yourself think because EVs are whisper quiet – the only sound you will hear is the whistling of the wind or the chirping of birds.

Finally, when, you decide to take your test drive onto the open road, the deal will be sealed.

EVs are not only quick off the mark, they have high top-end speeds and a low center of gravity allowing you to hug with confidence even the most treacherous of hair-pins for an unforgettably thrilling ride. You’ll never look back. 

Save Money

Once you bring the EV back to the dealer and your heart has returned to normal, you’ll start working on the numbers. And it’s here that you’ll have your second light bulb moment – EVs not only have the benefit of being more fun to drive, they’ll also save you money. Here’s how.

First, there’s a raft of government incentives to help you buy one. Each country in Europe decides the extent of those but they typically range from generous purchase subsidies, tax breaks, suspension of road tax and even in some countries, free parking, just to name a few. Their combined effect though is you’ll be in a much better financial position.

Second, having fewer moving parts, you’ll pay less in maintenance costs – EVs don’t have starter motors, exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, and radiators amongst many other parts essential to a traditional car. Servicing fees are greatly reduced as a result.

Third, EVs cost less to run – the equivalent distance travelled costs you less in electricity than it does in fuel. If you add to this the prospect of installing photo voltaic (PV) panels on your home roof, you could end up driving around for next to nothing.

Finally, EVs can actually make you money. They store electricity in their batteries that can be sold back to the grid and to the utility companies.

Healthier and Safer

There’s no doubt that EVs are good for your health. Smooth driving and lack of noise make for a calming stress-reduced ride. And the zero tail-pipe emissions mean less lung disease and breathing problems due to airborne particulates.

Electrification changes our behavior toward energy usage and conservation. We are more likely to opt for clean renewable generated power reducing our overall carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

You’ll also feel a lot safer in an EV.  The heavy batteries are bolted directly onto the chassis resulting in an unusually low center of gravity, so they are less likely to overturn. 

Unbeatable Benefits

The evidence has been building for some time that electric- powered vehicles are simply much better for you and this no doubt accounts in large part for their rising popularity. 

They provide unbeatable daily benefits to you individually as well as to society, ranging from health to finance to the simple pleasure of driving.

EV’s and the more sustainable energy lifestyles associated with them have definitely arrived to stay. And so, for you, it’s probably more a matter of when, rather than if, you’ll take the plunge.


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