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By New Designers Space
November 11, 2021

LA-Based brand VForce by New Designers Space incorporates their Copper Compounded Material with Aerosilver to make safer clothing.

LOS ANGELES, November 11, 2021 -  Los Angeles-based company, New Designers Space, has recognized the need for wearable technology to keep women and men safe & stylish. The introduction of VForce Collection jackets and face masks uses nanotechnology to infuse natural copper and silver materials into that which is worn daily, and has antiviral properties which will protect against viruses, including Coronavirus. The use of compounded copper and recyclable TPU are environmentally conscious, and will last a lifetime regardless of wear and tear.

As the world is changing, so is the fashion industry and its use of technology. Both industries are working closely to develop products that are prevalent in every aspect of our daily lives. Utilizing technology to create new fashion related materials that provide function, quality, and safety, extending farther than pure aesthetics, has proven to be an important step in clothing - ultimately providing safer, smarter and more sustainable clothing. All said, the fashion industry is constantly applying these new technologies in ways that are truly remarkable, setting up the landscape for innovation and improvement within.

VForce by New Designers Space introduces a new lining to their groundbreaking copper jackets, Aerosilver. The technology in the lining is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, providing extra protection in addition to VForce's original copper compounded exterior. The functionality of the jackets now goes beyond that of traditional utilitarian jackets as the Aerosilver technology is a safe alternative to chemical treatments most antimicrobial fabrics use.

Both technological fabrics have been lab tested and proven to protect via. Vforce by New Designers Space's idea to combine their copper compounded material with Aerosilver elevates all of their jackets a notch above any other antimicrobial fabrics, as the infused silver within the material prolongs the durability and lasting effects of antibacterial efficacy. Commonly used fabrics within this niche market are generally treated with chemicals that upon contact with skin can lead to irritability and even skin disease. but with Vforce's use of natural properties, and nano level technology there will be no issues to worry about.

The combination of VForce's compounded copper exterior with Aerosilver lining has benefits that aren't limited to virus protection. The new lining has the ability for prints to adhere and create an unlimited amount of designs layered between both fabrics, therefore not affecting the efficacy of the copper and silver. In addition, the jackets are now far more substantial and thicker - the lining is now quick-wicking and provides 99% UV protection, equivalent to SPF100+.

The brilliance of technology merged with fashion is not new, think of Northface and Goretex, and how they are an example of further pushing boundaries of fabric design, technology and functionality to better the lives of how people deal with cold and wet weather. Now companies like New Designers Space can use newer nano technology to protect people from more than rain and cold weather, but fight off viruses and bacteria and continue to innovate fashion where it is most needed.

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Source: New Designers Space